FEEDBACK: A proper yacht will have among her attributes a sensitivity to her helm that allows the helmsman to know how the vessel is performing.  The feedback of wind and wave pressures through the helm helps in attaining the best and safest performance. Elliott at the Helm of Nalani Similarly, we at Manifest Marine appreciate comments on our service, not only because it makes us feel good about the job we are doing, but because the feedback allows us to do an even better job! 

Here are some of which we are especially proud:

  • "You were by far the most diligent agent I have worked with and I will continue to send folks your way."  ~Arlo Bess, March 2023

  • "You have been most helpful.  We will absolutely spread the word!"  ~Jill Bockenstette, March 2023

  • "Thanks for all of your help.  Having a qualified and experienced agent helping us sort through this has been reassuring during this process."  ~Matthew Tennant, November 2022

  • "Gary, I really appreciate all that you do.  Thank you."  ~Michael Mettler, October 2022

  • "Hello Elliott, I reviewed the insurance policy you provided and it is exactly what I was looking for.  They even included the Italian and Greek liability endorsements as you indicated they would.  I have to say that I am more than pleased with your efforts in providing such a comprehensive policy, so quickly and at such a good price."  ~Thomas Knee, June 2022

  • "THANKS so much for being a GOOD broker for me."  ~John Hamrick, June 2022

  • "WAOOOOO, that was fast!  You are rocking!  Muchas gracias!"  ~Ronnie Ramos, May 2022

  • "Thank you so much for all your advice.  We will keep in touch with you!  We appreciate all your advice and help."  ~Jeffery Brehm, April 2022

  • "It has been wonderful working with you, thank you for being very helpful with everything."  ~Alec Lazarides, April 2022

  • "It was great working with you to get this coverage in place as well Gary.  It had a few twists with the lightning issue, but you navigated things really well and did a great job explaining and keeping me informed.  Much appreciated!"  ~Mark Kraft, April 2022

  • "Just wanted to say, I like your website.  It's nice to see that your son is part of the business.  I hope he is as patience [sic] with his flaky clients as you are.  Great photos of both of you."  ~Jan St. Pierre, April 2022

  • "You are always so helpful and prompt in your replies.  It's a pleasure to deal with you."  ~Stu Holmes, December 2021

  • "Thank you so much for this.  I absolutely love your customer service and how on-top-of-things you are.  Thank you for being proactive on renewal schedules so we don't have any unpleasant surprises at the last minute.  And, after an underwriter pulled out, thank you for finding a solution to present!  Much appreciated."  ~Dawn Spivey, September 2021

  • "Wonderful! In business, I never get notice of a decrease in my insurance premium!  Also, my friend, Justin McClendon, has had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with you all.  Thanks again for everything!"  ~Paul Fry, August 2021

  • "Everytime the topic of insurance pops up, someone mentions the Jackline policy and I always follow with, 'Yeah, I know the guy that started it!' It's a cruiser 'name drop!'"  ~Ken Ferrari, July 2021

  • "Fantastic news!  My wife Denise and I will sleep better tonight knowing that we are insured.  I will read the policy in the coming days and let you know if I have any questions or concerns.  You come highly recommended and you did not disappoint. I will not hesitate to recommend you as an excellent source for Marine Insurance."  ~Mark McGovern, June 2021

  • "Thank you for the prompt and clear response. You have clarified the issue of the storm coverage for us very well.   We do feel fairly comfortable that we do not need to apply for the additional coverage. We understand that our policy would still be in place and cover us for any other losses.  While our plans these days seem to be written in sand at low tide, we intend on continuing up to Mexico.  We will continue to keep you informed.  Thanks for your consistent and able guidance."  ~Richard Winn, June 2021

  • "You are the best Gary!  Thank you so much!"  ~Frank Lewis, May 2021

  • "Perfect, great to hear, Gary.  You are the man!  Thank you and thank our underwriter for your patience with us and with this shipyard."  ~Dione Badkar, April 2021

  • "You can't see me, but I'm dancing with joy!  This is such a relief!  I've already contacted my broker, and will sign the contract tomorrow!  This is the culmination of a lot of work and daydreaming!  And I'm so glad that my extensive Medusa 'to do' list, was not a waste of time!  I'm so excited!!  I do have questions, but I'll wait until Wednesday...  I'm just going to enjoy the moment!  Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!!!"  ~Lori Jobe, April 2021

  • "Thank you! I'm going to wait to sign the acceptance of vessel until I hear from you tomorrow! I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for your work on have been a lifesaver! "  ~Lori Jobe, April 2021

  • "Thanks for researching the options.  In the end we decided to stay with the original Markel policy and I just paid that on line.  Thanks again for the good service."  ~Gene Prather, March 2021

  • "Wow!  That was fast.  Thank you so much!"  ~Jan St. Pierre, February 2021

  • "Wonderful, Gary.  You are good at getting things done for us in the 11th hour and we appreciate it!"  ~Dione Badkar, February 2021

  • "Thank you for what you've done to get this in motion.  You really went above and beyond for us.  Based on what you've discovered I don't think we'd ever have received it.  You have a new long term customer."  ~James Collier, January 2021

  • "Thank you for your help.  This is why I've checked in with you each time I've planned to get a boat, or another boat.  You provide options, suggestions, and typically better quotes than individual companies."  ~Alexander Schell, November 2020

  • "Thank you!  Just what I need to know for both — and FAST.  A clear nod to your experience and expertise!"  ~Dawn Spivey, October 2020

  • "Excellent news!  Thank you so much!  I am certain this would not have been accomplished without your expertise, connections and reputation in the industry.  I appreciate how you communicate with us as well.  I look forward to continuing to work with you."  ~Dawn Spivey, October 2019

  • "Thanks so much for working on this. Here's to manifesting great things in 2020!  (I love your name by the way!)"  ~Dione Badkar, December 2019

  • "That is great news.  I really appreciate your fantastic service!"  ~John Lloyd, October 2019

  • "That is the info I need. Thanks for all your help and walking me through the process."  ~Dave Janiszewski, September 2019

  • "As always, you serve us well.  Thanks for your input and we agree with your recommendations, specifically to renew our coverage at the lower cost for the current navigation area."  ~Richard Winn, August 2019

  • "Just a word to thank you for the check.  It did arrive last week.  We wanted to let you know that everything is all right now.  Thank you for your time, we will recommend you to other boaters!"  ~Jean‑Pierre Provençal, June 2019

  • "You are amazing!!!  Thank you so much!"  ~Todd Eversole, May 2019

  • "... welcome to the best Insurance brokers I have ever worked with!"  ~Todd Eversole, April 2019

  • "Thanks for the great service."  ~Graham Openshaw, March 2019

  • "Thanks, Gary.  You're the best!"  ~Will Leaver, March 2019

  • "Fantastic!  We are very happy with your amazingly high level of service.  Thank you so much!  You really are the greatest!"  ~Will Leaver, November 2018

  • "Thank you for working on this for us.  You have been very professional, also very kind and patient, and I appreciate it very much."  ~Will Leaver, September 2018

  • "Thanks ... very useful information and advises [sic] indeed!!!"  ~Donato Paradiso, May 2018

  • "Good deal, thanks for all your hard work and patience Gary!!!"  ~Vic Sunderland, May 2018

  • "Thank you so much for your diligent work.  We would not hesitate to call or recommend you in the future."  ~Lorna Tomko, May 2018

  • "Gary, you and your guidance made this possible—and I can't thank you enough.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"  ~Joanne Bohr, April 2018

  • "This is exactly what I needed....thanks Gary!"  ~Steve Sadler, April 2018

  • "You are great Gary!  Thanks for the follow up on all of this."  ~Richard Winn, April 2018

  • "Thanks for everything.  You've been wonderful."  ~Sharr Lawrence, April 2018

  • "No words!  Just immense thank you from Rick and I for your extraordinary service on our behalf!  We can travel in peace now, not having to worry about whether we will be able to get the liability insurance we were seeking!  I already have and will continue to spread the good news about you and your company to the cruiser groups on Facebook, many of which I am a volunteer administrator."  ~Sue Klumb, April 2018

  • "Wow!  Both Rick and I are totally in awe about your email and attachment!  Thank you!  ... you are a gem!"  ~Sue Klumb, March 2018

  • "I want to thank you very much for your patience in this process.  Insurance can be a baffling subject and not the simplest thing to understand.  You have done an excellent job."  ~Gene Prather, March 2018

  •  "I really appreciate all your help and your clear communication.  Thanks again!"  ~Mike Zelman, January 2018

  • "very well done :-)))"  ~Donato Paradiso, November 2017

  • "Thanks Gary, that's awesome, you got it done!"  ~Chris Haynes, October 2017

  • "Thanks Gary, this is exactly what I needed!"  ~Giorgio Cagliero, October 2017

  • "You are officially awesome!"  ~Dave Goodman, September 2017

  • "Awesome!  We will review it tonight.  Thank you so very much for making this process so smooth.  I will recommend you to others!"  ~Angela Hall, July 2017

  • "That is great news!  We just closed on the vessel, so I will watch for an email from you.  Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with."  ~Angela Hall, July 2017

  • "Many thanks for your speedy work, Gary."  ~Tim Regan, July 2017

  • "Happy to hear that Gary, great work!"  ~Bart Van Halteren, July 2017

  • "Hi Gary - this looks great.  Seems like we found a pro!"  ~Lisa Steele, June 2017

  • "You've done an excellent job of explaining everything to me, and I very much appreciate the time that you've put into obtaining these quotes for me."  ~Paul Kegaly, May 2017

  • "Thanks Gray [sic], that is great news.  We appreciate your help."  ~Dave Freeman, May 2017

  • "Thank you so much, Gary.  I really appreciate the flexibility you've shown.  I intend to have everything printed tomorrow (probably at the boat brokers office - they've been very supportive, too).  I'll get everything to you in the shortest time possible.  Again, many thanks for assisting me with this process."  ~Peter Allen, April 2017

  • "That is great!  Thank you so much for helping us through this. ...  I will go online and submit payment info now.  Let me know if there is anything else I can provide.  I really appreciate your help with this."  ~Dave Freeman, December 2016

We hope we have the opportunity to provide this same level of service to you.  Please don't hesitate to ASK.

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