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In 1987, Gary Golden cofounded International Marine Insurance Services and that marine insurance brokerage became so successful over the ensuing 29 years that his time was fully occupied with executive management of the agency.  So, in 2016, Gary arranged for the renowned Gowrie Group to assume management of IMIS so that he could return to the part of the business from which he gets the most fulfillment, that is, working directly with clients to help them arrange the most suitable and affordable insurance for their boats and yachts. Following a 15month family cruise from the Chesapeake Bay to the Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico, Gary's son Elliott Golden obtained his insurance license and joined him in this endeavor.

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Stolen Sail is the photographic work of Elliott Golden.

Our Nalani at anchor,
Gary sneaks in
a last moment of sailing for the day.

Because not all moments on the water are this idyllic,
there is marine insurance.  

Part of what we love about boating:
almost every day on the water
is different than any prior day.  
Different weather, different crew, different destination.  
We're not always sure what awaits us
around the next bend in the river,
beyond the next point or over the horizon.  
More often than not, it is something wonderous.  

But, because sometimes it's not,
there is marine insurance...

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