Elliott Golden was born and raised on the shores and waters of the Chesapeake Bay, like the three generations of sailors that preceded him.  He was sailing the Potomac River aboard the family Morgan 34 before he was even a month old. In 2014, when Elliott was fifteen years old, he set sail along with his parents on a 15month cruise to Florida and the Bahamas aboard their Moody 46 cutter Nalani, further learning to treasure sailing and the cruising lifestyle.  During this cruise he completed his sophomore year of high school studying independently.  Elliott finalized his studies at Riverbend High School graduating with an advanced diploma in 2017, during which time he was employed as a Shop Technician at a vintage motorcycle shop and an IT Infrastructure Specialist at a network, home theater, and audio specialty boutique.

Finding there to be a vast number of boaters needing improved access to the financial protection afforded by marine insurance, Elliott studied for and obtained his insurance agent license in 2018 and joined his father, Gary Golden, in the Manifest Marine agency, thus becoming the third generation assisting the yachting community with navigating their specialized insurance needs.

As hinted at by his past and current employment, Elliott is an avid boater and motorsports enthusiast and has an affinity for all things of classic vintage.

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