Manifest Marine was established in 2016 in the wake of its founder, Gary Golden, selling his interest in International Marine Insurance Services, an agency he cofounded in 1987.  Intially working with the buyers as an agent, and then more independently, Manifest Marine, now is able to offer insurance from over a dozen different insurance companies and programs.

Gary's son Elliott Golden obtained his insurance agent license in 2018 and in 2019 joined the Manifest Marine endeavour.

Manifest Marine will soon be offering its own insurance program that solves many of the issues that have been plaguing the marine insurance market.  Until then, we are happy to research the choices presently available in the market for you.

In case you are wondering how well we measure up to our guiding principle of Insurance Service Clearly At Its Best, please click on the motto to see the kind of appreciative feedback and testimonials we get from our clients.  We hope we have the opportunity to provide this same level of service to you.

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Last edited January 12, 2023
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